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Scritti Politti's debut album Songs to Remember had been released in September 1982, but even before the album's release frontman Green had expressed in interviews his frustration at the limitations of being signed to an independent label like Rough Trade Records . After Songs to Remember he began to talk to major record labels, a move reluctantly supported by Rough Trade who wanted to keep him but realised they could not support him financially with the budget for the type of record that Green wanted to make. [9] At the same time Green had been distancing himself from the Marxist collective that Scritti Politti had originated from, and by the time of the album's release Scritti Politti was effectively his solo vehicle, the other original members having left during the album's recording or shortly afterwards.

Having released a couple of early singles, Scritti Politti began planning their debut album in 1979, but the recording had to be delayed when Gartside collapsed after a gig supporting Gang of Four in Brighton in early 1980. [5] [6] Originally believed to be a heart attack , the cause of his collapse was eventually diagnosed as a panic attack , brought on by his chronic stage fright and his unhealthy lifestyle. Returning home to south Wales at his parents' insistence for a nine-month convalescence period, Gartside had plenty of time to think about the direction the band and their music were going in. During 1979 he had already become less interested in the independent music and punk scene and had started listening to and buying American funk and disco like Chic and the Jacksons , Stax soul like Aretha Franklin , and 1960s British beat music such as the Beatles ' early records. [7] [8] Gartside came to the conclusion that "you don't have to be lobotomised in order to make pop music. It's a real passion to make it" and that making pop music didn't mean selling out punk's principles or dumbing down: "I think the politics of punk does survive. There are a whole lot [of] people who aren't happy to make pap but want to make pop. They understand that what sells means something. It finds a way into people's hearts in a way that independent music never did." [7] He explained his reasons for abandoning the band's original "do-it-yourself" philosophy to Smash Hits in November 1981:

Scritti Politti - After 6Scritti Politti - After 6Scritti Politti - After 6Scritti Politti - After 6